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Queen's Classroom

TV Show The Queen's Classroom
Romaji: Jo'ô no kyôshitsu
Japanese: 女王の教室
Director: Hitoshi Iwamoto
Writer: Kazuhiko Yukawa
Network: NTV
Episode: 11 + 2 part Special
Release Date: July 2-September 17, 2005
Runtime: Sat. 21:00-21:54
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
[edit] Plot
April – the season for the new school term. Meet Maya Akutsu, a mysterious new teacher at Hanzaki Elementary School. Her way of talking and behaving is as graceful and magnificent as a queen. Miss Akutsu, with her high intelligence, artistic talent, and perfect athletic skills, soon overwhelms the other teachers and makes all the parents obedient. She takes charge of "Class Three" in the sixth grade. In Miss Akutsu's class, test scores precede everything else. She gives pop quizzes every week and students with low scores have to do odd jobs in the classroom, like her slaves. If they try to disobey, they're severely punished. Miss Akutsu is the law. She is the queen of her domain. Kazumi, one of her students, soon becomes her main target. Although Kazumi is a sweet and innocent twelve-year-old girl, she cannot achieve above average on either her exams or in gymnastics. Kazumi withstands Miss Akutsu's outrageous brand of “punishment,” but her classmates begin to crack in the grip of fear. Jealousy, slander, and betrayal run rampant in the class. Even in the darkest time of her life, however, Kazumi strongly wishes to “graduate happily with her classmates”, and she finally decides to gather up all the students to face their evil teacher. How will the 24 sixth-graders grow up during the final year at elementary school? And what is Miss Akutsu's real purpose of being so devilish toward her students?
[edit] Cast
Yuki Amami - Maya Akutsu
Mayuko Fukuda - Hikaru Shindo
Michiko Hada - Akiko Kanda
Sachie Hara - Shiori Tendo
Sairi Ito - Momo Tanaka
Shigeru Izumiya - Kondo
Kaho - Yu Kanda
Hikari Kajiwara - Erika Sato
Naruki Matsukawa - Yusuke Manabe
Naoyuki Morita - Eiji Miyauchi
Anzu Nagai - Hisako Baba
Takashi Naito - Namiki
Toshinori Omi - Takeshi Kanda
Shotaro Sakai - Koichi Nishikawa
Mirai Shida - Kazumi Kanda
Akashi Takei
Toshie Negishi
[edit] Comments
haiziwang Says: Dec 21 2008 12:16 am
This is one of the better, if not best school shows involving children. By children I mean kids under 13. The acting by Yuki Amami is excellent and she was well-supported by a great cast of children. Even though the front episodes may seem repetitive, each time something happens there is a subtle change in the reaction of the children. If you are looking for a good show, look no further =)

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